Need A Spa? Which One You Should Go!

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Spas are popular for their bath treatment from long ago. Though these spas are world-famous now, they had a special value in Europe and Japan. The word spa has its origin from the town of the spa, Belgium.

Earlier spas were concerned for giving mineral baths (with seawater) to cure illness or mineral deficiency in the body. However, the meaning of the term spa has changed over the years. As per the definition by international spa association, spas are the places dedicated to the well-being of people by means of professional services for benefit of mind, body, and spirit. Now spas are considered to be places where you can get a massage, scrub and other sorts of treatment.

Types of spas

There are different types of spas to meet people’s demand.

  • Day spas – Day spas offer massage and facial on day visits. About 80% of spas are day spas and have low-cost chains without lockers. They offer body treatment, nails, salon and other facilities like changing room, robes, sauna, slippers, steam room, and tranquility rooms. We offer the best spa à Québec, so if you are looking for one, make sure you stop by us.
  • Destination spas – These spas set an environment which is physically and mentally healthy. The sessions require a minimum stay of two-three nights but you can suit yourself with longer stays but you need to be above 16. They offer exercise classes, lectures, and other activities like hiking.
  • Resort and hotel spas – In 1991, hotels and resorts started providing their customers with spa facilities so that they can enjoy their holidays. Resort and hotel spas can also be coupled with destination spa as they offer a great environment for visitors.

  • Mineral spring spas – Mineral spas are well known for their hydrotherapy treatments, especially on-site treatments. These spas offer hot springs, natural mineral as well as saltwater therapies.
  • Medical spas – Medical spas are a combination of medical clinics and spas. They usually function under the supervision of doctors. 

The facilities offered include laser treatment, laser hair removal, intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment, photo facials, microdermabrasion, botox fillers, chemical peels, skin tightening, rejuvenation and cellulite treatment. 

  • Club spas – As the name suggests, these spas are part of a fitness club. These spas also offer day services to non-members or outsiders. It is a method of promoting fitness as well as well being.
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