Hormone Therapy – Is It for You?

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Ever wondered if the modern hormone therapies are good for you? Then you are in the right place. It’s always good to explore, get to know and understand everything about these hormone therapies. Be completely informed so that you can decide for yourself if they are good for you or not.

Like any treatment methods, these hormone therapies definitely have their own benefits and risks. Let’s start with understanding the basic difference between a bioidentical hormone and a synthetic hormone and then let’s go through in detail how does hormone therapy work.

Synthetic Hormones

These are synthetic hormones as their name suggests. They are structurally different from your natural hormones and so they are regarded as not very safe to use. These synthetic hormones are man-made and they have similar biological effects on humans as the natural ones that they are replacing.

Bioidentical Hormones

Some may believe that on contrary to the synthetic hormones, these bioidentical hormones are natural. However, that is not true. These are hormones prepared at the laboratory but their chemical structure is similar to your natural hormones. Thus, these are not so foreign and your body accepts them naturally.

How does the therapy work?

The human body and a lot of its functioning are determined and governed by the hormones it secretes. Therefore, any changes both increase or decrease in the quantity of these hormones can cause medical issues.

In any case, human body malfunction results from a hormonal imbalance, the hormone replacement therapy works by supplementing the required hormones to patients at the required levels.

These hormones are from external sources rather than naturally secreted by the body. However, the body functions get back to normal because using this hormone replacement therapy, we are correcting the level of the natural hormones, vitamins, and minerals in the human body.

These externally supplemented hormones whether they are synthetic or bioidentical hormone, the effects of it cause difference in the hormone level. Like any other medication, Hormone therapy also has its own benefits and risks. So, women should discuss with the medical professional about it.

To know better about such therapies and to determine if they are the best for you, please get professional help from therapy centers like AB Hormone Therapy. They help in fixing your problems by optimizing your hormone levels so that you could get healthier and more active and your body can perform at its best.

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