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The Role Played by Paralegals in Document Preparation and Estate Planning

Document preparation is something that can easily and affordably be done by a paralegal; rather than hiring an attorney who more often than not may not have the time and will end up delegating to a paralegal. There is so much that goes with estate planning, and only a qualified and competent paralegal will offer the necessary advice and guidance to make the right choices. A living trust for example is one of those documents that a paralegal can help you prepare. Through a living trust, you are able to define within the constraints of law how you wish to see your assets dispersed. A living trusts gives another person or a firm the right to administrate your property the moment you sign proper documentation for the same. On of the roles played by legal document preparers is to advice you on who the right trustee is; which could be a member of your family, a law firm, your family attorney or even a close friend.

Such living trusts that are prepared under the watch of a paralegal ensure, among other things, that your loved ones avoid probate since technically the assets will no longer be yours since they are owned by the trust selected. The first role therefore that a paralegal officer plays is to advice on ensuring the living trust is well funded, which means ensuring all assets are transferred to the rightful trustee. Should you get it wrong during document preparation, it means your assets will be distributed by the State. The need therefore to work with paralegals that know exactly what they are doing in terms of document preparation can never be overemphasized enough. If not for anything else, a good paralegal officer should take the time to explain in clear terms the legal implications of not doing right documentation.

It needs no mentioning the fact that some unscrupulous individuals will often try to DIY-trust kits or living trusts that may not be feasible in reality, thus you ought to proceed with great caution. It is important to mention that most states today will only mandate lawyers and paralegals to sell living trusts, so you should tread with caution when you start receiving cold calls or spam emails. If well implemented, you can rest assured living trusts are your best bet when it comes to administrating your property and distribution in the event of your demise. The first step therefore is to ensure you get the right professional for the job. Preparing a living trust is part and parcel of estate planning, which most people do not like to think about or to participate in. Be sure you get the right professional for the job, and you can enjoy the peace that comes with knowing your loved ones will be in safe hands.

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